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    Post  Staunton on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:22 am

    Do not post in requests unless you are offering to fulfill it! Your post will be removed from the thread.
    Basic Rules
    Signature requests will only be accepted if you have 25 valid posts or more.
    Provide as much detail as possible, the more detail the better the result.
    Do not post anything other than your request and if needed you can post after the designer has.
    Do not rate or comment on the made signatures or the requests here, as this just fills up the request thread.
    Please refrain from sending any designer a Personal Message.

    Request Format
    Main Text/Name: The main text on the signature.
    Sub Text/Quote: [Optional] The text below the main text.
    Size: The size of the signature in pixels.
    Style: [Optional] The style of the signature, such as Grunge or Abstract.
    Theme: The theme that the signature has to follow, whether it be a game or an image.
    Colour: [Optional] The colour or colours that you want to be included.
    Image/Render: [Optional] The render that you want placed on the image, such as a soldier.
    Designer: [Optional] The designer that you want to create your signature. Requests with specific designers may take a lot longer than not specifying one, depending on their availability.
    Other Information: Anything else you think we should know.

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